Rocket Raccoon and Groot 001 (Dec. 2015)



It has been eight months since Secret Wars and Rocket and Groot have disappeared. The Guardians of the Galaxy hold a funeral, sans bodies, for their fallen comrades. Drax has a heart-warming moment as he delivered the eulogy. They launch the coffin into space and Star-Lord says some kind words. As the coffin floats out into space, it gets smashed by a space-ship piloted by Pocket and Shrub, a small mouse-like creature and his bodyguard/house plant.

Pocket and Shrub blast past the coffin and head to a bar to meet a mysterious, hooded and cloaked stranger with a job. It’s very Star Wars. The hooded guy wants them to deliver a package to a particular location. Pocket and Shrub take the job and make the delivery, only to be captured by Lord Rakzoon’s soldiers and accused of thievery. They are sentenced to three days in the Dungeon of Torture and Unimaginable Horrors, then death. Once Lord Rakzoon is informed they weren’t the thieves, he rescinded the sentence of death. He turned his attention to the package that was delivered… the hooded guy. Lord Rakzoon asks him who he is and we get a beloved three-word reply… I. Am. Groot! TO BE CONTINUED…

Could Lord Rakzoon be Rocket? What is Pocket? What’s up with the carvings on Groot? Do you think Drax and Groot use the same tattoo guy? (90’s tribal tattoo guy! lol I love the Thing!) Will we ever see Pocket and Shrub again? Until next time!

The Dragon


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