Deadpool 003.1 (Dec. 2015)


En Espanol!

The first Deadpool issue of 2015 entirely en Espanol. Introducing another guy dressed up as Deadpool, Masacre! A guy who has a major thing for Deadpool. Masacre gave up his former life in order to help innocent people in the name of justice. He wants to fix Mexico by killing all the bad guys and, after, head to the USA in order to join forces with his idol Deadpool.

Masacre goes to Inspector Jaime Gordon in order to get a list of bad guys, including one Calavera de Jade. Gordon wasn’t going to give up the notebook with the names, so Masacre took it by force. Masacre used the information to go to Calavera’s mansion, crashed his party (literally) and attacked. He also managed to attack the guest of honor, El Especialista, a henchman brought from the USA by the CIA in order to kill Masacre. El Espacialista is said to not be able to be killed with bullets, so Masacre cut off his arms with his two machetes and kicked him off a balcony to his death.

The CIA agent that brought El Espacialista confronted Masacre and Masacre managed to subdue him using one of Calavera de Jade’s own jaguars. Before Masacre killed him, the CIA agent promised his death would be avenged. Masacre took off on his bike after saying goodbye to Jaime Gordon to head to the USA, along with the jaguar he stole from Calavera de Jade he named Justicia. THE END?

Oh, I need to see more of this guy and I really hope he makes it into the new Deadpool comic. He would make Mercs for Hire so funny!! Saying all sorts of Spanish quips and no one knowing what he would be saying. This guy is going to fit in well. I also want to see more of Justicia the jaguar. A Mexican Deadpool with a pet. Awesome. Until next time!

The Dragon


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