The Uncanny Avengers 003 (Dec. 2015)


“To encourage peace after the war between the Avengers and the X-Men, the original Captain America, Steve Rogers, brought together the members of both teams to form the Avengers Unity Squad. Now, to promote cooperation in the face of rising tensions, the Unity Squad has expanded to include a new faction: Inhumans.

“Steve Rogers dispatched the Unity Squad to stop the Shredded Man – a newly sparked Inhuman who covered Boston in deadly plant-creatures – but according to the nightmare future that the time-traveling mutant Cable discovered, the team is destined to fail… and one Avenger has already fallen…” – The Uncanny Avengers 003 (Dec. 2015)


Pietro is telling how he beat up the Shredded Man to Doctor Voodoo. Doctor Voodoo breaks some hard news to Quicksilver, he is dead. Doctor Voodoo manages to stop the demon souls from collecting Pietro’s soul and digs his body from the tree trunk.

Deadpool gave Quicksilver CPR and brought him back to life. Meanwhile, Roughe, Deadpool, and Synapse are trying to calm the crowds that are trying to leave Boston. They get attacked by some of the plant monsters and are about to be overwhelmed when Cable shows up. Cable saves their butts and tells them they are all going to fail. He tries to take control of the group, but Rogue is stubborn and maintains she is calling the shots. While they are bickering the Shredded Man shows up. The Shredded Man blasts the team with Neurotoxins and only Cable and Synapse remain on their feet. Synapse tracks down the fleeing Shredded Man while Cable give everyone a shot of anti-toxin. Synapse runs into the Shredded Man and discovers the Terrigen Mists are talking to him and want the humans and Mutants dead. Oh, and he is Synapse’s grandfather. TO BE CONTINUED…

CABLE AND DEADPOOL are together again!!!! Yes!! This is the issue I was waiting for. The storyline is great and all that, but Deadpool and Cable are working side-by-side and that makes me happy. The next few issues are going to be amazing! Stay tuned! Until next time!! (hurry up next time!!)

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