All-New Wolverine 002 (Nov. 2015)


“X-23, Laura Kinney, was created to be a weapon, but she escaped with the help of the man she was cloned from, the man who became her mentor: The Wolverine. Tragically, the original Wolverine has fallen, leaving his mantle empty. Laura will live as his legacy and fight for her better future. She is the All-New Wolverine.

“In Paris, Laura saved a young man from an assassination attempt by a masked sniper. In the fight, Laura discovered that the assassin could not feel pain, and rather than be captured, she threw herself from the top of the Eiffel Tower.

“When unmasked, the assassin looked just like Laura. There are more like her out there, and Wolverine has to save them.” – All-New Wolverine 002 (Nov. 2015)


Laura heads to Alchemax Genetics in New York, two days after the incident in Paris. Alchemax Genetics created her four clones (one of which is dead) and wants Wolverine’s help to hunt them down. Captain Mooney was the warden of Alchemax’s facility that was holding the clones. The clones are accused of setting the place on fire during their escape. Mooney wants them dead. Wolverine agrees to find them, but refuses too kill them. Warren (A.K.A. Angel, A.K.A. her boyfriend) swoops in and gives her a lift home.

When they arrive at Laura’s apartment, she sends Warren home and walks inside her very spartan apartment. She walks in to find a clone waiting for her. And by waiting I mean she was rooting through Wolverine’s fridge. The very young clone wants Laura to help her and her remaining sisters avenge their treatment at the hands of Alchemax Genetics. Laura follows her back to her hideout and tries to talk to the clones; Gabby (the young one), Bellona (the blonde), and Zelda (the compassionate one).

As the girls try to tell Laura their side of the story, Captain Mooney and his men jump them and a fight breaks out. Wolverine and her clones manage to knock them all out, with minimal killing, and as Laura tries to stop them from killing an unconscious Mooney the three clones are shot by a man in a mask with a shield… Taskmaster. TO BE CONTINUED…

The All-New Wolverine is really picking up momentum. The plot introduction is nice. They ease you into it and give you information pretty quickly without getting confusing. I have a feeling Alchemax Genetics set a bomb that started the fire, not the clones, and there is a bigger bad guy behind the scenes. Maybe an All-New Marvel Villain? I wish they would go more into Warren and Laura’s relationship. They delve a little more into their relationship in the All-New X-Men, but it is no more than a side-note. I hope they explore it more. Don’t get me wrong, I love the hack-and-slash of Wolverine and I love that they made Laura a little more diplomatic, but getting to know Laura sans Logan is part what drew me to continue reading the All-New Wolverine. Until next time!

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