The Uncanny Avengers 002 (Nov. 2015)


To catch you up…

“To encourage peace after the war between the Avengers and the X-Men, the original Captain America Steve Rogers brought together members of both teams to form the Avengers Unity Squad. Now, to promote cooperation in the face of rising tensions, the Unity Squad has expanded to include a new faction: Inhumans.

A new villain calling himself the Shredded Man has covered Boston in deadly plant creatures. Steve rogers dispatched the Unity Squad to eliminate the threat, but with Spider-Man already gone and tensions building between the field leader Rogue and the new Inhuman, Synapse, the team is dangerously low on unity.” – The Uncanny Avengers 002 (Nov. 2015)


Stark, after watching the news, gives his old buddy Steve a call to see if he needs to suit up. Steve says if his team can’t handle it, he will have to scrap the Unity Squad. Unfortunately, they are in over their heads. The stalks are growing at an alarming rate and Synapse can’t reach into their brains to stop them. While Rogue is yelling at Synapse, a woman runs up with a baby infected with the green stalks. She is able to boost the baby’s immune system and Quicksilver got them to the hospital.

Human Torch gets an idea and brings one of the dead bodies to MIT so the scientists there can help him find a cure or a way to stop the Shredded Man and his disease. Synapse tries to get Quicksilver back, but he has been captured and she can’t reach his mind.

We flash to a wasteland and someone off panel talking to an animated pinup. It is the one and only CABLE!!! He decides to go back to 2016 and help the Unity Squad defeat the Shredded Man. TO BE CONTINUED…

I love how Human Torch gets the MIT students’ attention, “Nerds Assemble!” Also, OMG THEY ARE BRINGING IN CABLE! Deadpool and Cable together again! I am really excited for issue 003. I am still sitting here squeeing like a fangirl. (Because I am a fangirl) Until next time!

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