Deadpool 002 (Nov. 2015)


To catch you up…

“Avenger… Assassin… Superstar… Smelly person… Possibly the world’s most skilled mercenary, definately the world’s most annoying, Wade Wilson was chosen for a top-secret government program that gave him a healing factor allowing him to heal from any wound. Somehow, despite making his money as a gun for hire, Wade has become one of the most beloved ‘heroes’ in the world. Call him the Merc with the Mouth… call hi the Regeneratin’ Degenerate… call him Deadpool.” – Deadpool 002 (Nov. 2015)

Deadpool, being ever popular and in-demand as an Avenger, has hired a bunch of guys to dress like him and take jobs as him. His Heroes for Hire are Solo, Slapstick, Terror, Foolkiller, Stingray, and Madcap. He is funding the Uncanny Avengers and thinks he has everything under control. What he doesn’t know is “back when people were messing with his mind early in his career, he killed his own parents.”


The Merc with the Mouth has his Deadpools, his Heroes for Hire, running around doing good works for free. Until the team finds out and demand paying jobs. Deadpool hands them a paying job to evict people from an apartment building. Turns out the people were living there paying month-to-month leases and they were thrown out so the landlord could build condos. They feel bad… some of them feel bad… and do one last good deed by saving a little boy and his mom from an abusive father and giving some of their cut of the job to those they helped evict.

Sam, a friend of Deadpool from the old days, shows up to warn him that HE killed his own parents. Turns out the Deadpool everyone was following isn’t the real Deadpool, but some unknown villain. Turns out he has been working to destroy Deadpool. TO BE CONTINUED…

Ok, so this one was a little easier to follow along now that I know who the other Deadpools are. Thank you Wikipedia! I have a few theories on who the masked villain is, but will save them for later. I will share one question, where is the real Deadpool? Until next time!

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