Radioactive Spider-Gwen 002 (Nov. 2015)


To catch you up…

“As a teenager, Gwen Stacy went to a demonstration on radioactivity and was bitten by a mutated spider. The bite transformed her, granting her amazing powers: a precognitive awareness of danger, adhesive fingertips and toes, and the proportional speed and strength of a spider. To the residents of New York, she is the dangerous vigilante called Spider-Woman, but you know her as Spider-Gwen.” – Radioactive Spider-Gwen 002 (Nov. 2015)

When we left Spider-Gwen, she was chasing down giant lizards in the sewer system, only to be caught by a female Captain America.


We open in the Parker residence with George Stacy and Ben Parker sitting around drinking a cold one. George looks melancholy and reveals to Ben he is close to tracking down Peter’s killer… and it is not Spider-Woman.

We join Spider-Gwen and Captain America in the sewers surrounded by Lizard Men. Gwen uses wit and humor to try and make Captain America laugh and eventually gets a “Heh” from her. We get a peak into the story of this female Captain America. Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes died in a fire fight and Samantha Wilson was the only one left for Peggy Carter to put in the Vita-Ray Chamber. She became Captain America and got lost in time trying to save the world from the Nazis and Zola. Now she is trying to find her way home.

Back in the sewer Captain begins to question Spider-Gwen about S.I.L.K. and her connections to Doctor Connors. Gwen tells her the truth about what happened with Peter and that Connors was to blame. The lizards attack them as Detective Dewloff entered the sewers. We also get a glimpse at a very young Falcon who wanted to shoot Dewloff, but Peggy cleared her and he had to let her pass.

Back at the Parker house, Ben makes George promise to not give up on finding Peter’s killer and to tell him the whole story once he does.

Spider-Gwen escaped and brought the Bandit a gerbil/rat to replace his pug that died in 001. TO BE CONTINUED…

I like the blurb about the new Captain America for this Earth and the tiny Falcon. I would read a comic about them. I love this alternate universe with the heroes and villains not always where they should be. I don’t even mind Daredevil is a bad guy and Captain America is a girl. It is cute and an interesting twist. Until next time!

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