All-New Wolverine 001 (Nov. 2015)


“X-23 was created to be a weapon. For a time, that’s all she was. But Laura Kinney escaped that life with help of the man she was cloned from, the man who became her mentor: The Wolverine. Tragically, the original Wolverine has fallen, and the mantle has been left empty. Laura will live as Logan’s legacy, and she will fight for her brighter future. She will leave behind her old life, and make a new one. She is THE ALL-NEW WOLVERINE.” – All-New Wolverine 001 (Nov. 2015)

Laura is in Paris, France trying to stop an assassination when she gets shot in the head and flash backs to her time with Logan, A.K.A. the original Wolverine. When she finally returns to the present, thanks to a voice in her earpiece, her cover is blown since the crowd saw her heal from a gun shot to the head. She races up to the rooftops and chases down the assassin. The assassin jumped from the roof and plummeted to her dead. Not before calling in a drone to bomb the car and finished her job. Wolverine jumps from the roof and is caught by Angel. He drops her on the drone and she is able to take it out.

When she lands we learn she is in a relationship with Angel as he tries to comfort her after her fall. Since hugging would hurt too badly, he pats her on the head. Awkward, but sweet. They make their way to the assassin, not splatter on the pavement, and find out it is another X-23 clone. It is revealed there is more out there and they take off to the skies to find them all… and save them. TO BE CONTINUED…

I was a little stand-offish when I heard Wolverine was a girl. I thought Marvel had given her the Thor treatment (which still makes me mad and I refuse to read The Mighty Thor.), but it looks like they didn’t mangle Wolverine at all. The storyline makes sense and the hand-off of the yellow spandex wasn’t some cheesy cop-out (again, like Thor. Unworthy. Don’t get me started). I am intrigued on the new storyline and I eagerly await the next issue. Until next time!

The Dragon


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