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Excel Saga (at first glance)

Welcome to my first ‘At First Glance’ reviews. I watch a nmber of shows that after an episode or two I have either decided not to watch it, or have thoughts that I want to share. ‘At First Glance’ gives me the chance to review these shows with the option to continue watching or not.

Today I will be looking at Excel Saga.

**Spoilers Ahead**
Believing the World to be corrupt, the secret organization Across plans to conquer the world. The first step in the plan for world domination is to begin by focusing on one city in order to minimize setbacks. Across consists of the leader of the organization, Il Palazzo, and officers Excel and Hyatt. Excel and Hyatt live in an apartment building in the city, along with their pet dog Menchi (who is also their emergency food supply) Living in the neighboring apartment are three guys: Iwata, Sumiyoshi and Watanabe, and other building dwellers. Eventually the members of Across begin making appeals directly to the City’s citizens before Il Palazzo publicly declares the existence of Across and its intentions to the public. (summery from wikipedia)

Excel Sage is zaney and off the wall, and I felt the humor got tiring after a while. When one character or another is not dying and being brought back for the sake of the storyline, they are just bumbling around.

While cute, I will not be continuing watching Excel Sage. It’s just not my cup of tea, but it might be yours. You may want to give it a glance.


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