New Avalon

Welcome to the New All Things Wicca

Welcome to the new All Things Wicca!


I have finally moved Jedite’s Book of Shadows to a WordPress based system instead of the old Mediawiki system I have been using for a number of years.
The main reason for the change is to give me more flexibility with the site and the ability to do more. I am now able to ad a Blog to the BOS.

I am taking the opertunity to rename the site. It is now All Things Wicca, and Mmy vision is to shae it into a one-stop-shop of All Things Wicca.
I have also taken this time to reflect on the content of the old BOS and my training to date and have decided to clean up the articels and double down on my studies. Not all of the articles were kept, and I will be rewriting many others and I have many new articles planned.

However these changes come with some minor inconveniences. The url of the Blog has changed to We will be leaving the old system online for a while to ease the transition, however it will, in time be shut down and the URL redirected here.
Users of or android app will need to update before the old system is taken down, or else the app will stop working. The new app is designed to future proof a number of core features and we have greatly expended the app to be far more useful.

The new app not only will use the new backend system, ensuring it will stay working after the shut down, the app allows you to:

  • Easily access Jedite’s Book of Shadows
  • Easily access our new blog
  • Easy access to out calendar of holidays and events
  • Easy access to our new forum – NEW FEATURE, coming soon.
  • Easily follow us on popular social networks. NEW FEATURE

Google Play users can download the updated version in the Google play store within the next few hours. Please update as soon as possible.


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