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Dracula (1992 film)


The 1992 rendition of Dracula is probably one of the better adaptations of Bram Stoker’s romantic horror I have ever seen. The added bit at the beginning with Gary Oldman as Dracula in his youth was a neat addition, but the movie could have done without it. Gary Oldman is one of my favorite Draculas next to the man himself, Bela Lugosi.

Keanu Reeves as Jonathan Harker was a sort of bland, but so was Harker in the novel. Reeves’ accent is terrible and his performance just got paled in comparison to Gary Oldman’s Dracula. I didn’t think he was as terrible as some other critics did, but I do feel, at that time in his career, he was a little out of his depth. If he reprised the role now I think he would do much better.

Winona Ryder played Mina Harker and just butchered the accent and the role. I think she may have been cast, because of her popularity at the time and her looks. Other than that, she did not bring much to the table. If Reeves was overshadowed by Gary Oldman’s performance, Ryder’s faded into nothingness. She really did not belong on the same screen as Gary Oldman.

Anthony Hopkins played the knowledgeable hero, Professor Abraham Van Helsing. Here is a great example of what happens when you put two top notch actors together (Oldman and Hopkins) and watch them create magic on the screen, turning lead to gold. I was brilliant. If Hopkins was not added to the cast list the whole movie would have bombed, even with Oldman’s amazing performance. They carried the whole film.

Among the cast was Richard E. Grant as Dr. Jack Steward, Cary Elwes as Sir Arthur Holmwood, Sadie Frost as Lucy, and Tom Waits as one amazing Renfield.

I really enjoyed this movie and it delivered on the spooky factor I was looking for. If you want horror, go to Dracula. The novel is incredible and this version of the film brought that horror to life. I should not have to mention that this is NOT a movie for the little ones. Captain Little Dude was fast asleep before we even turned the TV on.

I hope you enjoyed watching Dracula with us and we shall see you tomorrow for another grown-up horror, Sleepy Hollow. Until then!

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