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Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride is a cult favorite among Tim Burton fans. Like all Tim Burton films it stars Johhny Depp as Victor who is meant to marry Victoria (played by Emily Watson), but Victor catches the eye of deceased Emily who drags him into the world of the dead. Emily (played by Helena Bonham Carter, oh what a surprise. Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter in a Tim Burton film. *sarcasm*) wants to marry Victor while Victor is trying to get back to the land of the living before his intended, Victoria, marries the terrible Barkis Bittern (played by Richard E. Grant).

To me, all of Tim Burton’s films look and sound the same. Same cast. Same music. Same gloomy look. It doesn’t matter if it is animation, claymation, or live-action. They all look dark and gloomy and have the same gloomy music written by Danny Elfman. Corpse Bride was no exception. All his movies look like they need better lighting.

I did not let Captain Little Dude watch this film, even though it is intended for kids and has a PG rating. Being two, I thought the dead people would scare him. So, use caution when showing this to little folk.

I hope some of you enjoyed Corpse Bride, even though I did not. Tomorrow I turn the 7 Days of Halloween over to Jedite83 who will be reviewing the horror game, Cold Fear. On Thursday I will be back with more adult scary, Halloween movies. Until then!

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