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The 7 Days of Halloween


Happy Halloween everyone! Everyone here at Hacker Labs just loves Halloween. We love to get dressed up in costumes, eat candy, and watch movies to get in the spirit of things. So, Jedite83 and I are going to share with all of you the movies we are watching this year to spook us into the Halloween mood. This year, we are watching:

  • Sun – 25 – Hotel Transylvania 1*
  • Mon – 26 – Hotel Transylvania 2*
  • Tues – 27 – Corpse Bride*
  • Wed – 28 – Cold Fear (video game review from Jedite83)
  • Thurs – 29 – Dracula
  • Fri – 30 – Sleepy Hollow
  • Sat – 31 – From Hell

*Captain Little Dude friendly. Appropriate for little ghouls.

Grab your candy, some hot cocoa, a friend and snuggle up for one frightening week! It all starts TONIGHT!

The Dragon


Hello! I am The Dragon, creator of The Dragon’s Tower.com, Jedite’s wife, Co-Creator of Captain Little Dude, Geek, Gamer, Nerd, fangirl, bookworm, and Pagan. Pastry Chef turned Web Designer. Entrepreneur. Philanthropist. Human. Feminist.