The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl 008 Aug. 2015 Review


Originally, I wasn’t going to continue with The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl comic series, but I did not realize this was the last comic in this series until the reboot. So, here we are again in the world of Squirrel Girl! Volume 2 starts in October 2015.

To Catch You Up

Ratatoskr, the giant God Squirrel bent on destroying Midgard, escaped from prison and is controlling people’s minds on Earth, making them fight each other. Even the Avengers are under Ratatoskr’s mind control and Squirrel Girl has to beat them up. (They were being rude! – Mind Control, but still!) In order to stop the God Squirrel, Nancy has gone to Asgard to help Thor and Odinson learn more about Ratatoskr and how to stop its rampage. Squirrel Girl stayed behind on Earth to keep Ratatoskr busy and everyone else from killing each other.


We open with Nancy’s doodles of the adventures of “Cat Thor”! Nancy is in Asgard sharing information (The Great Seer Wikipedia) about Ratatoskr with the Thors. They learn a lot, including how she escaped her prison forged by Odin himself. Turns out Loki was responsible. Before we hear his story, we flash back to Squirrel Girl on Earth battling Ratatoskr who has taken control of Koi Boy and Chipmunk Man’s minds. Squirrel Girl, having liberated Spider-Man’s webslingers from his wrists after she beat him up, covers her attackers in webbing… then all the citizens show up, ready to beat up Squirrel Girl. They free Ratatoskr and the others and attack.

Back in Asgard, Loki meets Nancy who just loves her honesty. So much in fact, he offers to shift into whatever form she wants. Nancy chooses Cat Thor. Loki happily obliges. Loki tells the Thors and Nancy about his former scheme and that it totally was not his fault she escaped. He mentions how beating her is not an option since every time someone gets close to her she uses her mind control to turn them onto her side. Nancy suggests why don’t they use ear plugs with communication abilities. She just brought bluetooth to Asgard. They create Asgardian Bluetooth earplugs and head to Midgard to lend Squirrel Girl a hand, and not a moment too soon!

Squirrel Girl had the entire civilian population attacking her and her new friends, plus a God Squirrel. Nancy threw Tippy-toe at Squirrel Girl; who gave her the earplugs. Just as things looked dire, Squirrel Girl tries giving an inspirational speech to end the fighting, but Ratatoskr is too strong. Luckily, Loki saves the day by calling down Bifrost and sucking Ratatoskr back to Asgard and her prison cell. With Ratatoskr gone everyone went back to normal. Spider-Man sent an apology note to Squirrel Girl for attacking her and Squirrel Girl is teaching her friends how to speak Squirrel (Tippy Toe was not happy about no one understanding her in Asgard). THE END.

The ending felt forced and hurried, but the story was cute. I like how Nancy saved the day using technology we all take for granted. I am glad I went back and finished the series. It was a really funny ending. All of Loki’s lines and some of Squirrel Girl’s one-liners were hysterical. They even had Jedite83 laughing. Another funny bit was the letter to Ratatoskr from Loki and his gift to her. Just great! I can’t wait to read Volume 2 of The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl when issue #1 comes out later this month! Until then!

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