Guardians of Knowhere 04 Sep. 2015 Review


“After defeating the criminal Yotat and handing him over to the Nova Corps, the brief alliance between Thorsguard Angela and the renegade Guardians of Knowhere dissolved. Gamora had left Knowhere without permission, and her only offense was blasphemy: she thinks there are pieces missing from Doom’s creation. As Gamora resisted her arrest, her scuffle with Angela was interrupted by a giant warrior woman who appeared out of thin air.” – Guardians of Knowhere 004 (Sep. 2015)


The giant warrior woman did not speak any language Gamora or Angela spoke and Angela attacked it. The Guardians and the Nova Corps showed up to help. The Nova Corps died one by one. Angela and Gamora killed the giant warrior woman, who is a Kree woman. As they talk about why Gamora feels Doom is a lie, she sees faces of Thanos, Groot, and Peter Quill, the Kree woman rises and runs Angela through. Mantis, who is alive, grapples the Kree woman with her vines as Drax, Rocket, and Gamora attack. They actually kill her this time.

Gamora weeps over Angela’s body and questions pour out of her mouth, including “What is Quill?” To which an answer was spoken from out of frame, “I am.” BOOM! In walks Peter Quill, aka Star Lord. He tells her Doom is a lie and the Guardians of the Galaxy will stop him. TO BE CONCLUDED IN SECRET WARS & GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #1!!

That was a pretty short run for a comic, only 4 issues. At least the group is back together sans Groot, and we will get more Guardians of the Galaxy coming soon! It looks like Secret Wars is going to wrap up in the next few months and a whole new Marvel will get started. I can’t wait! Until next time!

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