Guardians of Knowhere 003 Aug. 2015 Review


“The Multiverse was destroyed! All that remains is Battleworld! Knowhere is the satellite moon of Doom’s Battleworld. Legend says that Doom defeated a giant celestial guardian and saved the world from total destruction. All that remains in the floating head. Gamora left the boundaries of Knowhere, a crime against the Law of Doom, Thorsguard Angela attempted to arrest her, but was thwarted by the Guardians, who escaped with their compatriot. The Guardians lay low at the home of their friend Mantis, but were founf by the gangster Yotat, who recently escaped Nova Corps custody. Yotat, holding a grudge, beat the Guardians mercilessly and then murdered Mantis.” -Guardians of Knowhere 003 (Aug. 2015)


Yotat drug Drax to the center of Knowhere to show the people he felled the mighty Drax the Destroyer and to announce Knowhere was his now. Thorsguard Angela had another thing to say about that and lit his butt up with a lighting bolt. He did not die though, and Drax had to step in and help her fight him off. Angela zapped him one more time and when he was down the Nova Corps showed up. The Nova Corps consists of Nova, Adam Warlock, Captain Marvel, Iron Man, and Venom. Angela allows them to take Yotat with them and after some convincing they leave with him. They wanted to stay and arrest the Guardians, but Angela stopped them.

Angela took a moment to speak to Gamora in private to find out wht she left the boundaries of Knowhere. She did not give a concise answer, just said her cosmic powers give her the ability to see through Doom’s illusion. She did not elaborate. Angela said for her blasphemy she was going to answer to Doom, but Gamora had other plans and they fought… again. Angela demanded proof of what Gamora was saying, but before she could answer a shadowy figure appeared out of the sky. TO BE CONTINUED…

They just do NOT want to tell us what Gamora saw, do they? I was hoping this time, THIS time, we would find out. Nope. Now we have this awesome looking female figure that showed up out of sky, literally. She appeared out of lightening from the sky and just stood there looking awesome with a giant staff. I cannot wait until I they tell us who she is, because I have no clue. Maybe Nebula? So many guesses on who she is and how this ties to Thanos. Oh, the questions! Good job Marvel. I am seriously liking Guardians of Knowhere, despite the lack of Star-Lord. Until next time!

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