Captain Britain and the Mighty Defenders 002 Aug. 2015 Review


To catch you up…

Yinsen City is a city where Tony Stark died and saved Dr. Yinsen who used the Iron Man suit to help people, for healing and good. Yinsen City was a city of peace. A mini-paradise… until “a stranger calling herself Captain Britain arrived in Yinsen City and questioned the Godhood of Doom, Doom collapsed the wall that protected Yinsen City from its violent neighbor, Mondo City.

The Law Enforcers of Mondo City, called Bosses, quickly attacked, Baron Yinsen was killed, and now the only ones who stand between Yinsen City and total destruction are Captain Britain and the Mighty Defenders.” -Captain Britain and the Mighty Defenders 002 (Aug. 2015)


We open with a meeting of Mondo City’s Council of Seven, their ruling body, led by Big Boss Hill the Baron and Thor of Mondo City. Mondo City is running out of food, water, everything and has started locking up its citizens “for their own protection” killing all who stand in their way. Back in Yinsen City, aka Temporary Detention Zone 001, we find out on She-Hulk’s advice everyone surrendered. We meet Boss Emma Frost who is called over to read the minds of their prisoners to find any dissidents, but she can’t read that many minds at once. Lucky for the Mighty Defenders (She-Hulk, Spider-Hero, White Tiger, and Kid Rescue) who are plotting escape.

Back to Captain Britain who is being interrogated by Boss Cage. She quickly breaks free after some quick banter and flees her captors. Another break-out is in the works back at Yinsen City. White Tiger takes care of Boss Frost by sicking The Tiger God (the source of White Tiger’s power) on Frost when she tried to read her mind. They all, easily, break free of their shackles and attack. War Machine is called out to take them out, but She-Hulk makes quick work of him by tieing his guns in a knot. Kid Rescue, Yinsen’s daughter, frees everyone in Yinsen City (and makes a rather lovely speech to honor her father while she saves everyone).

Captain Britain, meanwhile, has reached Big Boss Hill and the two go head to head in a super non-violent “battle”. Captain Britain sliced Mjolnir in half with Excalibur (oh snap!) and Big Boss Hill has a revelation. Peace is made between the two cities as they agreed to merge the two and help one another. Peace and happiness for all. Even the guy who killed Yinsen is punished. THE END.

I really hope they make more of these. They stopped a war and ended a distopian society by peaceful means (or as peaceful as one can get fighting War Machine on steroids). We got some impressive action and one heck of a story. PLEASE make more Captain Britain and the Mighty Defenders Marvel, please!!

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