Jedite83’s Van Dwelling Log – Week 6

Week Starting Aug 26.

At the end of last week we replaced the air mattresses that we had originally bought with a futon mattress. The air mattresses were starting to fail at the seams which shows that they were of poor construction. The futon is nice, but as not as thick as the air mattresses so we may get a second one to stack on top of this one. Its also nice that we don’t have to put it a way durring the day.

on Saturday (Aug 29) we had a unpleasant run in with another vehicle dweller. We parked at a local store and set up camp for the night. We picked the spot because while it was secluded enough to keep people away it was a short walk to the building in case we needed to use the bathroom. After setting up for the night I went to take the dog out for a walk. Next to us was another vehicle someone was sleeping in. They started yelling about me about letting my dog sh*t near their vehical (which my dog had not done anything yet as I was taking him into some nearby trees) then on our way back in the can he yelled at me again this time about parking near him. People like him make the rest of u van dwellers look bad. We left that store and went to another for the night. Betweek him and the fact they are reodling the store we may not be back there for some time.


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