The Dragon’s Journal Week 3

Another incredibly hot week in Florida. The heat index has been reaching 103+! Which also means we have been burning through gas like crazy trying to keep cool. We have also drained the battery twice trying to charge our electronics (cell phones) and had to call AAA. We canceled our subscription to AAA after they told us they only come out 4 times per year to help you. 4 times!! Why are we paying a yearly membership if they only come out 4 times?! They offered to have us pay them to come out and jump our van, but they could not tell us how much until they called the service guy and had him come out. Who does that? “Yes, we can come out, but we can’t tell you how much money it will be until the service guy is already there and you are forced to pay him.” It costs us $1 extra a month for Roadside Assistance on our car insurance policy and they come out 30 days a month if you call them that often. We will never use AAA again.

We haven’t had any new issues with the van or van dwelling. We did have one incident where we were lounging at our local library and the cops were called on us. Since Jedite83 and I were sitting in the back, all people could see was our toddler and dog sitting in a car with the windows up. They did not see that the car was running either. They called the police, as they were right to do seeing a baby and a dog locked in a car, and the cops were really nice about it when they saw us in the car too. We explained what we were doing, soaking up some shade at the library, and they asked us if we were homeless and if they could help us. We told them we were fine and they went on their way. Really nice people! We were not mad someone called the cops. We were happy someone cared enough to call if they saw a baby and a dog in a car on a hot day.
That’s all the new news for us! Until next week!

The Dragon


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