The Dragon’s Journal Week 2

This van is HOT! With the weather being humid, rainy, and hot in the awful Florida summer the nights have been terrible. We have been going through a lot more gas than originally anticipated just to keep cool. We purchased a dehumidifier that you recharge after a month instead of keeping it plugged in all the time. We added a fan to the roof vent and got some curtains that are made to block out the heat and UV Rays. When we take the curtains down in the morning we get blasted with a massive heat pocket. We still wake up multiple time a night dripping with sweat. I don think there is much we can do about that until the Fall and Winter when the weather down here gets cooler.

We discovered a leak in the van that lets in rain. We have a temporary solution by way of a cup placed under the leak. Even in the hardest Florida rainstorms it only gets about half-full. We dump it when the storm is over. One of our next purchases will be some caulking or sealant to fix the leak. It is just not in the ever tightening budget right now. Don’t get me wrong. Van Dwelling has dropped our monthly bills (that is another post) by half, but Jedite83 also had his hours at work drop. Which means we are back to living paycheck to paycheck until I get a job. It is the gas that is killing us. Stupid Florida summer.

We’ve also been spending more on food than normal. We have been going to more fast food places than we normally did, because we don’t want to cook over an open flame in this heat. We really need to cut back on that. From reading other Van Dwelling blogs I’ve read that comment a lot. It is easy to get sucked into the fast food pit when cooking healthier food is difficult or not an option. Live and learn.

That’s all for this week!

The Dragon


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