The Dragon’s Journal Week 1

We have been Van Dwelling for one week now and have already started condensing what we brought with us. We’ve been using more gas than expected, but we have been driving more than usual and running the engine for AC access. We are in Florida and it has been raining and hot. Thankfully we are nearing the end of July, which means in a month or two it should start cooling down and we won’t have to run the AC as often.

We blew a fuse already from plugging in my laptop. Jedite83’s laptop won’t blow fuses or kill the battery. Just mine. My laptop also has a bad battery and won’t hold a charge. I’ve been reading a lot of books to keep myself occupied. We have also been going out more. We have been going to parks, the library, pet stores (we have one nearby that is like a free mini zoo where you can handle most of the animals. They have monkeys people. Monkeys.), free museums… pretty much anywhere we can find that is free.

Parking at night has not been an issue. We have been alternating between two Wal-Marts that are open 24 hrs, which means access to bathrooms late at night. No one has bothered us at all. When we parked at Burger King (where Jedite83 works) and I stepped out with Captain Little Dude to go to the bathroom and left the Minion in the car (with Jedite83 10 feet away), the restaurant got 2 calls from Corporate saying people were calling to complain about a dog locked in a car in their parking lot. That was the only “complaint” we received thus far.

My biggest complaint has been the heat. We live in Florida where it has been in the mid 90s with 80% humidity and LOTS of rain. Inside the van it gets to be about 120F. Our thermometer caps out at 120F, but when we checked one day how hot it got sitting in the sun our thermometer said “HH”. As in it was hotter than out thermometer could read. Wow. At night we get up 4 or 5 times to click on the AC for a minute or two. We even have an RV vent on the roof to help keep it cool. It does not do much. We plan on buying a dehumidifier. Maybe that will help a little. Oh well. Until next week.

The Dragon


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