Jedite83’s Van Dwelling Log – Week 3

Week starting Aug 5.

Our 3rd week as a bit more eventful then we expected.
We are at the library on day, with The Dragon and I relaxing in the back and the dog and Capt. Little Dude upfront watching a movie on my tablet. Someone saw them but not us and called the police. With as hot as a closed up car can get in Florida in the summer this is a reasonable response. Once the police relised that they were not unattended they were cool about it. They asked if we were homeless and needed help. After assuring them we were fine they left.
As I sid, This is florida n the summer, and the heat index has been hitting over 100°F. It has been pushing out gas budget to the limit as we have been running the A/C alot. This should improve as we move into fall and hte weather cools.

We are also dropping our AAA membership. We were given a membership by the in-laws some time ago and we discovered that the upgraded plan onle covers 4 calls per year. The other day we had a dead battery from leaving the power on to charge stuff and needed a jump start. We called AAA and discovered we were out of calls. They gave us the option to pay out of pocket, but would tell us the price until someone came out and it was to late to say no. We are dropping them and going with Roadside assistance through our auto insurance company which is not only cheaper (about $1 per month) but includes unlimited calls. The only down side is they don’t deliver gas. However the unlimited calls and far cheaper price make it worth it IMO.

One more week down.


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