Captain Britain and the Mighty Defenders 001 Jul. 2015 Review


We continue with our Women of Marvel series with our newest addition, Captain Britain and the Mighty Defenders!

We open with a flashback starring Doctor Yinsen and Tony Stark. Tony has placed his Iron Man Suit on Yinsen and he is sacrificing himself so Yinsen can live. He says the “World needs a healer” to “save us all. Rescue us. From people like ME.” Then we flash forward a few years and see Yinsen delivering a speech. He says they have eliminated all war and are close to eliminating all poverty and inequality globally. They have even created a self-sustaining metropolis, Yinsen City. The sky clouds dark and an enormous Earth appears in the sky. The next thing we see is Thor Corps member She-Hulk waking Doctor Yinsen, aka Rescue.

We meet Spider Hero, who is also having strange dreams (like Rescue and She-Hulk). We also meet Antonia Yinsen, aka Kid Rescue, who informs us of a problem, a person, they spotted coming towards their wall from the neighboring realm. We meet her partner Ava Ayala, The White Tiger. That person walking towards them is Dr. Faiza Hussain, Captain Britain. Captain Britain slices through their special wall like it was nothing. She also has been having strange dreams, like memories. She remembers the last Captain Britain, who passed on the sword Excalibur to her.

She tells She-Hulk, Spider Hero, Baron Rescue, Kid Rescue, and The White Tiger of her memories and that Doctor Doom is just a man and not a God. She speaks Heresy in front of a Thor (She-Hulk) and the realm’s Baron (Doctor Yinsen). They start to question if Doom is really a God when a Doom hologram appears before them and says they broke Doom’s Law. He strips She-Hulk of her Thor powers, saying she is not worthy to wield the gavel Mjolnir. Doom decides to punish everyone by removing the barrier that separates them from the neighboring city, Mondo City.

War-Machine and Emma Frost break through with a massive, multi-cannon tank and bullets that pass through force-fields. Doctor Yinsen dies and Captain Britain runs forward to avenge him. Emma Frost uses her psychic powers to mess with Captain Britain’s mind and she blacks out. When Cap awakes, she is being interrogated by Boss Cage in Mondo City. The final panel is a shot of a distopian city and is focused on a giant, oppressive building with the Punisher logo on the side. TO BE CONTINUED…

I have never read any of the Captain Britain comics before this one, but after reading this one I am going to be reading a lot more. I like the story so far and I can’t wait to see more. Until next time!

The Dragon


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