Mrs. Deadpool & the Howling Commandos 002 Jul. 2015 Review


To catch you up…

When we left Mrs. Deadpool and the Howling Commandos, Shiklah, not remembering she was married to Deadpool, still thinks she is engaged to Dracula. She found half of an ancient weapon on her dead brother’s body and plans on using it to kill Dracula as soon as she gets the other half. She left on the pretext of spreading her brother’s ashes on sacred ground and got stuck with Dracula’s top warriors, The Howling Commandos. The Howling Commandos consist of Werewolf-by-Night, The Living Mummy, Frankenstein’s Monster, Man-Thing, and Marcus the Roman Centaur with a Symbiote and Diabetes. They have been sent with her with order from Dracula to kill her…

Shiklah and the Howling Commandos are traveling deeper into the Underworld and reach the Boatman. The Boatman won’t take them across until they are dead and summons zombies to attack them all. They defeat the zombies and Frankenstein’s Monster smashes in the Boatman’s head. The walk up the stream to a wall. When Frankenstein’s Monster smashes through the wall we see a line of the walking dead passing through the Underworld. Amongst their numbers is Hulk. The Howling Commandos tell Shiklah Dracula has ordered them to kill her and that the stole her half of the ancient weapon. They want to help her kill Dracula. They even left the Invisible Man, whom Dracula thinks is dead, to spy on Dracula. They progress down the tunnels and step through a portal.

Meanwhile in Dracula’s Palace in the Monster Metropolis, the aforementioned Invisible Man is living the high life and eating like a king in Dracula’s Dining Room. Dracula, questioning about the food, gets a few visitors, two Thors of the Thors Corps. One is a sort of Groovy Thor and the other a Lizard Thor. They have been hearing some talk of exorcist stuff going on in Monster Metropolis. They have ordered Dracula to make it stop or the Thors Corps will take care of it and him. TO BE CONTINUED…

I think they need to do a better job of introducing some of these characters like the Thors Corps guys in these new comics, so readers who are not familiar with the characters will know who they are. That is my only complaint. I love this comic so far. It excites me on so many levels. I love the Deadpool commentary and the Monsters. Mrs. Deadpool is like a female Deadpool and just rocks. I want to see more! Until next time!

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