Princess Leia 5 of 5 Jul. 2015 Review


Today we are reviewing the last issue in the Princess Leia series, Princess Leia 005 of 5 (Jul. 2015). When we left Leia, Evaan, and R2-D2 they were on a mission to rescue the survivors of the destruction of Alderaan. They were approaching the planet Espirion and a cluster of Alderaanians, after locating their traitor (Tace, she did not know she was doing it at the time. She thought she was just talking with her sister, not that her sister was a loyal servant of the Empire). In order to save Tace’s sister, Tula, Princess Leia has agreed to turn herself over to the Empire. We rejoin the story on Skaradosh where Leia’s allies prepare for a final rescue…

Princess Leia is being carted away by the Empire when Evaan swoops down with a rescue craft, piloted by the smuggler Nien. Thanks to Nien’s quick thinking they were able to send out a decoy that exploded. The Empire thinks Leia is dead and they want to kill the rest of the Alderaanians, so to Espirion they went… with Leia close on their tail.

When Leia makes contact with her ship The Lord Junn, she sees quite a few extra ships orbiting hers. They are Alderaanian survivors who heard what she was doing and wanted to join her. Leia was hoping the Alderaanians on Espirion would help them fight the oncoming Star Destroyer that is hoping to kill them all. However, thanks to the failed diplomatic mission, help is not coming. Leia despairs, but is comforted by Evaan who reminds Leia of all she did on her own. Imagine what they could do together, as friends. Leia’s confidence is bolstered and she made a speech to the Alderaanians about to die. R2-D2 patches her speech to the people of Espirion below.

The Star Destroyer attacks and the end looks bleak… until Leia receives a message from the Captain of the Espirion Multi saying, “Stay back. We’ve got this.” They pound the Star Destroyer and win the day. Now that Leia has saved the survivors of Alderaan, it is time for her to return to the Rebellion. She left Evaan in charge of the people of the new Alderaan. Alderaan Survives. THE END.

It was nice to see Evaan loosen up and finally accept Leia. I was really hoping they were going to wrap that up happily. I wish this series would continue, but they are moving on to the Lando series for Star Wars. It felt like they hurried through this series. Everything came pretty easily, even with the obstacles they faced. I still felt it came pretty easily. I think all that comes from trying to squeeze this much action into only 5 comics. I would be willing to read more if they did decide to extend the series. Come on Marvel… you know you want to…

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