Princess Leia 004 of 5 May 2015 Review


When we last left Princess Leia she was searching the galaxy for any survivors of Alderaan with her pilot Evaan and R2-D2. She is fresh from her victory saving Alderaanians from Sullist and now knows she has an Imperial spy aboard her ship. Thanks to the use of her new team’s surveillance equipment, she is beginning to root out the traitor. Meanwhile, Evaan meets with Sullustan smuggler Nien Nunb who led Alderaanian survivors off of Sullust under the eye of the Empire.

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After giving Nien Nunb her mother’s necklace, she was finally put face-to-face with her traitor. A poor artist girl who was just trying to talk to her sister. She agrees to cooperate and ends up giving away they know and her sister is taken by the Empire. Leia arranges an exchange, her for Tula. The Empire, of course, agrees to her terms. All this takes place as the Imperial starship is bombarded by a meteor shower of ships. Leia’s rescue maybe? Meanwhile. Jora and Uma are trying to get another colony of Alderaanians to join them, but Jora messes it up by being prejudice about Half-Alderaanians and insults the one person who can help them. Uma gets them a second chance by promising Leia would come see them personally. Kind of hard to make promises when your leader has been “captured” by the Empire. TO BE CONTINUED…

I really want to see how Leia will escape and how they plan on ending this comic series, since they only announced there will be 5 comics for Princess Leia. This is another I am liking more than I anticipated I would. I am not a fan of Star Wars and prefer Star Trek (I like more Science in my Science Fiction instead of just cool laser sword battles). i wish they would continue her series or maybe introduce a series that ties in with the new Star Wars movie coming out soon. Until next time!

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