Spider-Gwen 005 Jun. 2015 Review


After the attack on her house, Gwen Stacy spent some time at Peter Parker’s Aunt May’s house getting some much needed advice. We also saw a beaten, but not down and out Frank Castle returning to work after his big fight at the Stacy house incident.


Murdock is paid a visit (aka been broken into) by The Black Cat and Gwen is having some band issues. Gwen Stacy and her band are opening for the auto-tuned sensation The Black Cat. She wants to kill Murdock for killing her father, so she sets up a trap. She crashes the opening band’s number and drops ninjas from the sky to kill Murdock. Gwen gets her band mates out of harms was and Spiders up! She defeats the ninjas and has a fun conversation with Murdock about Kingpin’s real target. She assumed it was her dad he was after, but he is after HER. Spider-Gwen takes them down and escapes as the cops show up. Meanwhile, her dad gets a visit from DeWolff who warns him to watch his back, because she cares. TO BE CONTINUED…

This one was pretty fast paced and I was more than a little disappointed when it was over. I am liking Spider-Gwen a lot more than I anticipated. I was never a huge Spider-Man fan and thought I would stop reading this one after a few issues. I like the new world and the relationship she has with Aunt May. I can’t wait to see where they are taking the alternate world Daredevil and Punisher storyline to in this world. Until next time!

The Dragon


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