Mrs. Deadpool & the Howling Commandos 001 Jun. 2015 Review


This is another Secret Wars comic storyline. The multiverse was destroyed and all that remains is Battleworld. Battleworld is a massive, patchwork planet composed of the fragments of worlds that no longer exist. It is all kept working by its God and Master, Victor Von Doom. In this world Shiklah met Deadpool and fell in love, but she was with Dracula. Deadpool fought Dracula to win her over, except in this version Deadpool loses and gets dipped into an acid coffin and thrown into the ocean. Now she must go on without him.


We pick up the story under Manhattan with the Invisible Man, visible thanks to his MANY wounds. Then we see the Howling Commandos, Werewolf By Night, The Living Mummy, Frankenstein, Man-Thing, and Marcus the Minotaur with a Symbiote (who is also diabetic). Dracula is hunting traitors and has Shiklah’s brother’s bodies being guarded by the Howling Commandos. They refuse to let Shiklah bury them, so she turns them to stone with Medusa’s head. While preparing her brother’s for burial she finds the Scepter of the Manticore, sans head. Her brothers were on the trail of the Scepter’s missing head. The whole Scepter will be enough to save her from Dracula’s hold on her and help her avenge her brothers. She lies to Dracula and (dressed as the Tomb Raider, lols) heads off to Hell to find the Scepter’s head. Unfortunately, Dracula stops her and demands she take an escort… his Howling Commandos. He sends them off with the order that she not come back. And the plot thickens. TO BE CONTINUED…

I like the Deadpool narration. It adds a bit of humor to the dark story. I am not sure what is happening so far, having not read a lot about Shiklah or these Howling Commandos. I was expecting Captain America’s Howling Commandos, not Dracula’s Howling Commandos. So far it looks like some horror story mash-up with Marvel. I hope it gets better. Though lots of the jokes from this issue appear to be in the artwork, like the Lara Croft Shiklah outfit and Deadpool’s commentary. I look forward to reading more of Mrs. Deadpool and the Howling Commandos.

The Dragon


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