Spider-Gwen 004 May 2015 Review


We continue with our Women of Marvel series with another Spider-Gwen comic! Today, we are checking out Spider-Gwen 004 (Marvel NOW May 2015).

To catch you up…

When we last left Spider-Gwen she was battling the Vulture and got jumped by Frank Castle. Castle saw she was just a girl and let her go. Meanwhile, Vulture has Gwen’s Dad and is trying to find out what Spider-Woman is to him. Spider-Gwen finds out Kingpin has a price on her head. And now we return to Spider-Gwen…


Spider-Gwen stumbles upon some punk kids tagging a condo building. They end up grilling her, calling her a sell out, because she saved her dad twice. They even accuse her of sleeping with Captain Stacy. (Ew.)

Gwen heads back to her Dad’s house only to be caught outside by “Uncle” Ben. He leads her inside in his usual friendly, charming way and makes her a cup of coffee. Gwen spots May’s scrapbook and flips through it, seeing grim reminders of what happened with Peter Parker. May catches her and opens up to Gwen. She knew Peter was unwell in the head and was getting worse at the end. May drops a bomb on Gwen by telling her she feels Spider-Woman is not the bad guy. She is just another person trapped in their own skull with no one to see their side. I really dig Aunt May.

Gwen goes for a walk and runs into Glory, her band-mate from the Mary Janes. Gwen goes back to the band, because as much as they need her she needs them more. We end with an angry Detective Dewolff defending Castle’s honor. The VERY battered and purple Castle surprises everyone and returns to work. TO BE CONTINUED…

Another Marvel comic that felt lack luster this week. I hope Spider-Gwen picks up soon. I would like to know what is going to come of Castle finding out she is just a girl. What will the Punisher do with that information? When will Spider-Gwen address the happenings in Secret Wars? So many questions!

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