Princess Leia 003 of 5 Apr. 2015 Review


When we last left Leia she, another Alderaanian survivor Evaan, and R2-D2 have set across the galaxy in search of other Alderaan survivors. So far they rescued a cloister of Alderaanian Musicians from Naboo. One of those musicians was unknowingly feeding information to the Imperials. It is only a matter of time before the Imperials catch up with her Royal Highness…

3 of 5

Leia and Evaan make contact with The Alderaan Enclave on Sullust. The people of Sullust are paranoid and seem more than willing to shoot Leia and less willing to kneel to their Princess. After Leia’s naive traitor leads the Empire straight to them, Leia with the help of R2-D2 uses Rockrenders to attack the Stormtroopers attaching the Enclave. After the battle is over the Alderaanians see what jerks they have been and agree to follow Leia. Leia now has to turn her attention to the traitor in her midst. TO BE CONTINUED…

I hope the Princess Leia comics pick up a little more. They were thrilling and action packed for the first 2 and this third one seems a little lackluster. The Rockrender Maneuver was pretty awesome. I wonder what the Empire has in store for Leia and her ship of Alderaanian survivors. With only two issues left in the series we will find out soon enough.

The Dragon


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