The Adventures of Bayou Billy

Billy West, otherwise known as Bayou Billy, is a Crocodile Dundee-like survivalist, vigilante, and former U.S. soldier from New Orleans who has fought against a local crime boss known as Godfather Gordon. In retaliation for interfering with his operations, Gordon kidnaps Billy’s girlfriend Annabelle Lane in order to lure Billy into one final battle. Billy’s quest to save Annabelle consists of nine stages that takes him from the swamplands to Bourbon Street as he battles Gordon’s henchmen and eventually comes face-to-face with the big boss himself.

The majority of the game follows a beat-’em-up format in which the player character (Billy) must engage in hand-to-hand combat against every enemy he encounters in order proceed from one area to the next until reaching the end of each stage before his health runs out. While the majority of the enemies in the beat-’em-up stages are human bad guys, the player will occasionally fight animals as well such as crocodiles, eagles and guard dogs.

The graphics for The Adventures of Bayou Billy is on par, if not a little better then average, for most NES games of the day. The Music was okay, but nothing special.
The game had a bit of a learning curve and was a bit more difficult then most games, making The Adventures of Bayou Billy frustratingly hard at times to play.
If your getting into old school gaming, of just enjoying a walk own memory lane, The Adventures of Bayou Billy is one game you can safely ignore.


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