Spider-Gwen 003 Apr. 2015 Review


We continue with our Women of Marvel series with another Spider-Gwen comic! Today, we are checking out Spider-Gwen 003 (Marvel NOW Apr. 2015).

To catch you up…

Back on Earth-65, Spider-Gwen has Frank Castle, Vulture (King Pin’s newest minion) and Captain Stacy are all looking for Spider-Gwen, but Gwen finds Captain Stacy first. What will Gwen say to her Dad?


Captain Stacy begs Gwen to stop being Spider-Woman. Gwen is still blaming herself for the death of Peter Parker and can’t bring herself to just walk away from people that need her. Her touching moment with Dad gets interrupted by Vulture. Vulture precursors his explosive entrance by tossing in a poison gas that messes with Spider-Gwen’s “Spidey” senses.

She manages to level Vulture with the help of her Dad. While trying to escape the gas fog she runs into Frank Castle (aka The Punisher) who is charged with hunting her down. She beats him down, but only after he sees her face. Meanwhile, her Dad is pulled from the gas fog by none other than Ben Parker. Ben and May Parker lead Captain Stacy into their house and treat his head wound while Spider-Gwen sneaks into Peter’s room. TO BE CONTINUED…

There wasn’t a whole lot of story progression happening in this issue which was a little disappointing. I am curious as to how Frank Castle will react to this new nugget of knowledge that the evil he has been hunting is really a teen girl. This new universe is really interesting. Daredevil is working for King Pin. The Punisher is a cop hunting down Spider-Woman. Peter Parker was a bad guy. Dude, this is epic. Until next time!

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