The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl 003 Mar. 2015 Review


We catch up with Doreen Green via Squirrel Girl in a nutshell (a sort of Facebook-esque feed). In issue 001 Squirrel Girl “fought” Kraven the Hunter and sent him along his way. He is now hunting big game under the sea. Thanks to Tippy-Toe and squirrels all over the world, Squirrel Girl knows Galactus is on his way and she plans to save us all by fighting him on the moon. With the help of a few Iron Man suits stolen… sorry BORROWED from Tony Stark’s Avengers Tower. Upon exiting with her booty Squirrel Girl was snagged by Whiplash’s whip, because dodo-brain thought she was Iron Man.

Squirrel Girl “lands” the Iron Man suit and sends it up out of harms way while she deals with Whiplash. Which she does, rather quickly, by making him eat squirrels. Literally. They crawled inside his mouth and everything. Ew. With Whiplash dealt with and waiting for the cops to arrest him, Squirrel Girl begins to head back to the mission at hand, getting to the moon and stopping Galactus, but hears a bank robbery in progress that just so happens to have Nancy as one of the hostages.

She clads herself in a suit of squirrels and dispatches the robbers, saving the day and her roommate who spots Tippy-Toe among the squirrels.

With time running out, Squirrel Girl steals… borrows more Avengers tech and heads to the moon with no time to spare. Realizing she is 1000% alone Squirrel Girl takes on Galactus. TO BE CONTINUED…

Another exciting and funny comic from Marvel. I am really enjoying the Squirrel Girl series. She is so much fun, makes fun of herself sometimes, and comes up with alternative means to stop the bad guys. She never uses guns, only nuts and squirrels. Go Squirrel Girl! Until next time Nut Lovers!

The Dragon


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