Silk 002 Mar. 2015 Review


Meet Silk, aka Cindy Moon, bitten by the same spider that but Spider-Man and granted super spider powers. She was locked in a bunker that prevented a deadly family of Spider-Hunters and murderers called The Inheritors. Spider-Man opened the bunker and revealed her existence, setting off the events of the Spider-Verse in motion. After saving the world she is back in New York fighting the city’s criminal underworld and getting use to her new freedom.

She continues the search for her lost family. The only man who knew where they went to is dead. She has no other leads, save what is with her in the bunker she called home for the past 10 years. She did find a Hydra toy and ended up in the sewers. After destroying the tentacle monster she climbs out of the sewer only to run into her old boyfriend Hector… and his fiancee. Ouch.

The people watching Silk sent the Hydra monster and used it to collect a blood sample from Cindy. As she is reeling from finding out her greatest love is engaged, she discovers she is being pursued by a gargoyle monster. TO BE CONTINUED…

Intriguing storyline. I am enjoying Silk. I just wish I knew more about her past and who is pursuing her, but we will all find out as her story unfolds! See you next time!

The Dragon


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