Princess Leia 2 of 5 Mar. 2015 Review


When we last left off, Princess Leia, Evaan, and R2-D2 have left the protection of the Rebel Alliance to protect the remaining Alderaanian survivors, now being hunted by the Empire. Leia and co have reached Naboo to look for a group of Aleraanian musicians who have cloistered themselves away to dedicate themselves to their art. They have no idea Alderaan has been destroyed.

While Leia is out meeting a friend’s contact she is ambushed and saved by the woman who manages the musical group. Leia invites them to go with her and leaves to confront her old “friend”. She gets a ship in the process and is off with the musicians. One of the musicians has contacted her sister, a loyal servant of the Empire and is reporting their every move to her beloved sister. TO BE CONTINUED…

Another exciting chapter in the story of Princess Leia. I like the glimpse into Leia’s childhood and the image of Queen Amidala on the wall, looking down on her daughter, was lovely. I only hope they show us some of Evaan’s history. I would like to get to know her as well.

The Dragon


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