Princess Leia 1 of 5 Feb. 2015 Review


The first issue of Marvel’s Star Wars Princess Leia starts where Star Wars: A New Hope ends. Leia is giving Luke and Han medals for destroying the Death Star. After the ceremony we hear a few of the men talk, calling Leia an Ice Princess, because she isn’t weeping openly for Alderaan.

The Empire not only destroyed Alderaan, but has issued a warrant for Princess Leia and are hunting down all the remaining Alderaanians. Princess Leia (should be Queen Leia) has been advised to stay near the base while they scout ahead for another rebel base planet (*hint, hint* Hoth). Leia finds another Alderaanian who flew one of the rebel ships in the battle against the Death Star, Evaan, and they both take a ship to rescue the hunted Alderaanians. Evaan has some serious issues with Leia. They use some smooth maneuvers and skip past Wedge and Luke. TO BE CONTINUED…

After reading this I was actually giddy with anticipation for the next issue. I am not a huge Star Wars fan, I prefer Star Trek, but this got me excited about Star Wars. It fills in so many gaping holes in the Star Wars plot between A Hew Hope and The Empire Strikes Back. It also shows a side of Leia we don’t see too much in the movies that I wish we could have seen more of, her love of her people and planet. They don’t touch on the fact that she just lost her entire planet and family and was forced to watch! I love her reaction. She doesn’t fall into a puddle of grief, like everyone expects her to. She goes out and swears she will rescue the last remaining Alderaanians. She is going to fight to keep her people, her culture, alive. Now THAT’S a Disney Princess!!!!

The Dragon


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