Brandbacker Review: Organic Dandelion Root Tea from Kiss me Organics

I was sent some Organic Dandelion Root Tea with Hibiscus & Cinnamon from Kiss Me Organics in exchange for my honest review. I am an avid tea fan and I collect tea pots and cups. I’ve tried tons of different teas from around the world and have found only a few I did not like. Kiss Me Organics’ Organic Dandelion Root Tea with Hibiscus & Cinnamon was added to the looooong list of teas I LOVE!

The tea has a lavender color to it and it smelled of flowers and Christmas (Cinnamon). I am really enjoying this tea and am happy they sent so much. After drinking this I felt energized, but not like a caffeine rush. Since I’ve had more energy lately I have been exercising more. Since I have been exercising more I have been losing weight.

I am going to keep drinking it, not because of the health benefits, but because it tastes good. Without sweetener it is sweet and sort of earthy tasting. I like a little extra sweetness and added some honey. Plus, I know my new tea will be to my house in a manner of days since I can get it from Amazon with Prime shipping.

This is a Brandbacker Review. The product being reviewed was sent to Hacker Labs for free in exchange for an honest review.

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