The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl 002 Feb. 2015 Review


We pick up with Squirrel Girl and get a sneak peak into what is on its way for Earth, ya know the bomb Tippy-Toe dropped at the end of the last issue. Galactus is on his way to Earth and the only one that could possibly stop him, or so we are told, is Squirrel Girl. More on that later…

Squirrel Girl and her collect roommate Nancy are checking out orientation and the clubs the school offers. She runs into that guy that tried to help her with her moving boxes that one time in the first issue, seriously, and we learn his name is Tomas Lara-Perez. (Side note here: I LOVE Nancy!) Tomas is into swashbuckling and Doreen is into him. Then Nancy totally embarrasses her (hence the Nancy love!) and it is hysterical. Nancy is quickly, QUICKLY growing on me. I’m also hoping for nice things for Squirrel Girl with Tomas.

Good ole Tippy-Toe bursts in on Doreen’s pity party in the potty with more news on Galactus. Squirrel Girl learns he is coming in his ship called the Star Sphere which is cloaked to all technology, but he forgot to make it work on squirrels. Only the squirrels know he is coming. The Deadpool cards are great. I want a set. Marvel, take my money!

Oh, and did I mention she has 2 hours before he arrives to stop him? Her plan to stop him? Go to the moon and kick his butt. Take selfie to celebrate. First, steal one of Iron Man’s suits and use that to get to the moon. While the security robots were busy kicking Squirrel Girl out of Avengers Tower, the squirrels marched in and stole some armor pieces. Everything is smooth sailing until Whiplash shows up and think she is Iron Man. Squirrel Girl is caught in Whiplash’s whip and crashes to the ground with 59 min and 15 seconds left to stop Galactus. TO BE CONTINUED…

This comic is hysterical! She is so cool and so funny. I am NUTS about Squirrel Girl and Tippy-Toe! I cannot wait to read the next issue. When she broke into Avengers Tower I could not stop laughing. Gold. Pure Gold! Well done Marvel. This gal is a keeper.

The Dragon


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