Spider-Gwen 002 Mar. 2015 Review


Hacker Labs’ Women of Marvel comic today is Spider-Gwen 002 (Mar. 2015). The comic opens with the same 1-page summary as the first issue, only this one makes sense if you read the 1st issue. It nicely summarizes what happened last time.

Previously on Spider-Gwen…

Back on Earth-65, Spider-Gwen not only has an assassin after her father to deal with, but Vulture destroying her city. She confronted Vulture and her dropped her from a great height. What will happen next? Did she survive?


Spider-Gwen wakes up on a garbage barge with none other than Spider-Ham standing over her. Clearly a hallucination. Turns out she spun Web-Wings in mid-fall and glided her way to the barge. Meanwhile, the police find her phone, but Captain Stacy recovered it quickly enough. Gwen wakes up at the Mary Janes’ apartment with Spider-Ham the hallucination following her. She passed out at a bar and was found by Randy Robertson. He took her to the Mary Janes and drama ensued. Gwen walked out and Mary Jane, after trash-talking Gwen, pleads for Gwen to save the band. Gwen kept walking.

Castle interviews King Pin who is sitting in solitary in prison. Matt Murdock calls in just in time and gives Castle the lawyering of a lifetime, then goes back to torturing Vulture for information. King Pin isn’t happy Spider-Woman is “dead”. He wants her dead, but he wanted to do it. Her life was his to take, not Vulture’s. Vulture has been instructed to find Spider-Woman, dead or alive.

Captain Stacy is worried about what will happen when Castle finds Gwen and tries to talk him into going home early. Castle blows him off and George angrily leaves the bar, worried for his daughter. He spots her in an alley and asks if she was looking for her phone. Her reply, “No Dad… I’m looking for you.” TO BE CONTINUED…

Another pretty good Spider-Gwen. I’m not sure what was up with the Spider-Ham hallucinations, but they were funny. Seeing Daredevil (Matt Murdock) working for King Pin and as one of the bad guys is new. I’m enjoying Earth-65 and Spider-Gwen so far.

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