Fluxx Review


Have you ever heard of Fluxx? Me neither, until Jedite received a copy of the card game for Christmas. Fluxx is a game where the rules change as you go. The cards you play alter the Basic Rules and even end up screwing other players over. Jedite’s favorite maneuver tonight consisted of using the “Hand Limit 0” card which meant if it was not your turn you had to have 0 cards in your hand. I had to discard my entire hand! Then he played a card that said he could remove certain rules and would take the card limit away. Dude! Evil. I love this game!

When I originally sat down, I did not expect much of the game. It didn’t look like it would be a lot of fun. It looked overly complicated. I read over the single page of instructions, which were incredibly easy to understand and Jedite and I sat down to play. Play is simple. You deal 3 cards to every player and decide who goes first. We played Rock, Paper, Scissors. Then the first player draws 1 card from the pile and plays a card from their hand. Easy. The cards that are played altar the rules of the game. You can add to the number of cards you draw or play, limit the number of cards in your hand, limit the number of Keeper cards you can have, and so forth. You collect Keeper cards to match the Goal of the game (which is a card players can change, so how you win each game varies). Creeper cards hurt you (Taxes, War, Death… Radioactive Potato…). The other cards in the deck are Action cards. Actions consist of “Draw 2 and Use ‘Em” where you have to draw to cards and play them immediately. Some say “Draw 3 and Use 2” or “Taxation: Each player gives you one of their cards” and so forth.

The game itself is addicting once you get going. The average game play time is 5-30 minutes. In the span of an hour we played 6 or 7 games. We’ve played it a few times already and the only negative I can say about the game is the games end too soon. I really wish they were longer. I would recommend this game for families or just a few friends hanging out for Tabletop Night. Captain Little Dude watched a few games and seemed entertained. They have a few other Fluxx games I would like to try. Jedite and I are going to add them to the Wish Lists.

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