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Sailor Moon Crystal – #11 Reunion -Endymion- & #12 Enemy -Queen Metalia-

#11 Reunion -Endymion
Usagi and the others try out the sword they obtained from the moon, with Ami theorising that it and the rest of Silver Millennium turned into a poisonous stone. While the others continue their research, Usagi sneaks out and discovers someone strongly resembling Mamoru, unaware it is actually Mamoru under Beryl’s control, who has used hypnotism to make himself Motoki’s friend. Makoto attempts to figure out his true identity, but is hypnotised into leading the others to the command center and drawing out Usagi and the crystal. Usagi is reluctant to fight against Mamoru as he takes the crystal, but when he injures Luna, Usagi is convinced Mamoru is a fake and uses the Moon Healing Escalation to cure Luna. Just then Beryl appears, taking the crystal for herself and revealing Mamoru is the real thing.

#12 Enemy -Queen Metalia-
Beryl states that Mamoru had died and has been ressurected as the strongest warrior of the Dark Kingdom, shaking Usagi’s resolve once again. As Ami takes everyone to an alternate dimension to protect the command center, Minako explains to the others how Queen Metalia is the one controlling Beryl, who in her previous life was the one who killed Endymion. Beryl ensnares the Sailor Guardians, but Minako manages to call forth the holy sword to break them free, before the girls launch a group attack to try and break the necklace that sends Metalia’s power to Beryl. Though the necklace proves resilient, Usagi’s desire to bring Mamoru to his normal self gives the sword the power to break it, destroying Beryl in the process. Afterwards, words appear on the sword, stating it can use the power of the Legendary Silver Crystal to restore the Moon Kingdom, but Metalia has Mamoru steal it, forcing Usagi to chase after him through a portal taking them to the North Pole. As Usagi confronts Mamoru, who has the power of Metalia behind him, the other Sailor Guardians end up having to confront the Four Dark Kings in order to reach her. The Guardians manage to purify the Four Kings and remind them of their true purpose, but Metalia kills them. Learning from Luna that a piece of the Legendary Silver Crystal is inside Mamoru’s body, Usagi, failing to purify him with the Moon Healing Escalation, strikes Mamoru with the holy sword before stabbing herself with it.


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