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Sailor Moon Crystal – #9 Serenity -Princess- & #10 Moon

#9: Serenity -Princess-

In his dying moments, Mamoru comes to realise that his true identity is Endymion, the first prince of the Earth, who was reborn to reunite with the true Serenity, Usagi. Usagi’s sorrow over Mamoru’s death transforms her into the true Serenity, regaining memories of her past life in the process, showing how she fell in love with Endymion, despite there being laws against people from the Earth and Moon seeing each other. When the Earth Kingdom attacked Silver Millenium, Endymion sacrificed himself to protect Serenity. Usagi’s tears bring forth the Legendary Silver Crystal, the power of which drips into Mamoru’s body. Just then, Queen Beryl arrives and she and Kunzite take Mamoru back to their realm, leaving Usagi devastated. Afterwards, Minako reveals she is the true leader of the Sailor Guardians, Sailor Venus, while Artemis shows the other guardians their past lives. Some time later, the girls visit Usagi, whose hair has been rapidly growing since that day, and assure her that she doesn’t have to walk the same tragic path as Serenity. In order to locate the Dark Kingdom where Mamoru is being held, the group decide to travel to the moon and learn all the truth.

Episode #9 was what I have found to be the most boring yet. While it build back story for the characters and series, I felt the dialog, which carried the entire episode, to be weak and dry. I was fighting to stay awake during the episode.

#10: Moon

After a few days of preparation, Usagi and the others land on the moon, soon arriving at the ruins of Silver Millenium. Upon pulling out a sword that was lodged in a stone in the castle’s prayer room, the girls are greeted by a hologram of Princess Serenity’s mother, Queen Serenity, who shows them their past lives in Silver Millenium. She reveals it was an evil force that brainwashed the Earth Kingdom into attacking Silver Millenium, with Princess Serenity committing suicide after Endymion died trying to protect her. The Queen then assures Usagi that Mamoru is still alive, as she had willed the Legendary Silver Crystal to save him, and asks her to think about the true power of the crystal before her time runs out. Meanwhile, the Four Dark Kings, who had been eavesdropping on Beryl speaking with Queen Metalia, learn that they were once righteous knights who served under Endymion in their past lives, but had been used by Beryl before they had regained their memories. However, they are discovered by Beryl and once again put under her control, sending them to Earth to freeze Tokyo and obtain the crystal from Usagi. Recognising the four knights true identities, Minako and the other Sailor Guardians combine their powers into the Sailor Planet Attack in order to try and free the knights from Beryl’s control, but they escape before they can be purified. Meanwhile, Beryl uses her power to put Mamoru under her control, sending him to kill Usagi.


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