My thoughts on video game cheat codes

I have gotten into many of arguments over this, but (conditionally) I have no issue with games who use cheat coders in games.

When a player is playing a game alone I see no issue what so ever in him cheating in a game. He’s not hearing anyone and it can add a whole new aspect to a game.

However when it comes to multiplayer games, I am against players using cheats. If all the players agree ahead of times to using cheats and everyone can use them to keep things fair then I guess it is okay (I still generally decline to play this way however). However when players use cheats in multiplayer games it is to give them an unfair advantage. This is a disgusting behavior and not only makes the gaming community as a whole look bad, it also runs off many of good players and many of what should have been good, popular games are overshadowed by cheating and suffer for it.

In my lets play videos I generally do not use cheat codes as it is usually the first time I am playing a game and I don’t think it’s fair to my viewers who may be debating as to whether oor not to play a certen title. and when I do use cheats it’s disclosed in the review.


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