ASMR Wednesday #1


Every Wednesday I will post my top 10 favorite ASMR videos from the previous week. These are not listed in any particular order. I am always looking for new ASMR artists to subscribe to on YouTube. If you know a good one, let me know!

Here is this week’s tingle-tastic top 10!:

✧J-ASMR✧音探し:ハサミで切る音/Let’s look for cutting sounds✧音フェチ✧ by J-ASMR yacyama

【ASMR 】~ massage~【睡眠用ロング】フェイスケアとメイク~binaural ASMR sounds by Makoto.ASMR

ASMR Trigger Scissors [Soft Snap Snap] Tingles by Paul Artwork

❥❢ Tingly Basket #4 ❢❥ Christmas ASMR Tingles! by WhispersRedASMR

Head & Scalp Massage by the Crackling Fire ASMR – with countdown from 100 by Fairy Char ASMR

✧J-ASMR✧大晦日前の大そうじ:音フェチ道具の整理編/Cleaning of my ASMR item box✧音フェチ✧ by J-ASMR yacyama

Relaxation/ASMR – La Centrale Nucléaire pour les Nuls (en Français/in French) by The French Whisperer

[Korea asmr] 한국어 ASMR/ 책 통 두드리는 소리/ tapping 탭핑 by yen_ a

ASMR Typing on Keyboard by Adriana Fox

“한국어 ASMR” Ear cleaning role play 귀청소 롤플레이 by Honeyjam ASMR

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