Dagashi Bento Pack

Sent from “You’ve got a friend in Japan!” You can buy the Dagashi Bento Pack for $8, plus shipping.


The Bento box it comes in is made of cheap plastic and aluminum. Good for storing your candy in until you eat it all and maybe a lunch or two after. I wouldn’t use it more than twice for lunch and I would NEVER put it in the microwave or dishwasher. The candy is the real treat.

The Candy

Umaibo Teriyaki Burger:

It looks like a long, cylindrical Cheetos they forgot to put cheese on and put Teriyaki on instead. Tastes the way it looks. Instead of getting cheese powder on your fingers (orange fingers), you get Teriyaki powder and brownish fingers. Pretty tasty actually.

Orion Mini Cola:

Tiny candies that taste like cola. The only thing I do not like about these candies is you can’t reseal the bottle they come in. One tiny candy packs a HUGE cola taste. Almost over powering if you don’t usually drink dark colas (like me).

Green Lion Candy:

We weren’t able to look this one up online to see what it was. At first glance, the packaging to me suggests sour, fruity candy. The candy dissolves in your mouth and is a little sour, but it isn’t too bad. The fruit is close to lime flavored, but not as tangy. I like this one a lot.

Coris Squirrel Sweets:

It looks like a lifesaver, but has a sort of banana flavor and is a little chewy. OMG It is gum!!

Little Bobdog:

Little sticks that taste like green apple. Great to suck on or eat all at once. The flavor is meant to be sour, but isn’t overpowering.

Ichigo Marble Gum:

A strawberry gum that has a REALLY powerful strawberry taste. The first few bites are almost like biting into an actual strawberry. After a little chewing the flavor lightens.

Pine “Little Fruit Candy”:

Another one I could not find online. Looks like a round, yellow candy. Smells like melon. Tastes like melon and peaches. Not my thing, but The Wizard really liked it.

Pine Pero Grape Sherbert Lolly:

My favorite of all the candies they sent. It is a grape lolly you dip in grape powder, like a dipping stick. It did not survive the hour. 🙂 So good!!

Cracker Trail Cabbage Taro:

Another puffed snack, like cheetos, but with Taro instead of cheese. Taro is a sort of root plant. I did not care for it, nor did Captain Little Dude. The Wizard liked it. Tubers are not my thing.

teriyaki burger
Umaibo Teriyaki Burger
mini cola
Orion Mini Cola
squirell sweets
Coris Squirrel Sweets
Little Bobdog
Little Bobdog
Ichigo Marble Gum
Ichigo Marble Gum
Pine “Little Fruit Candy”
Pine “Little Fruit Candy”
Pine Pero Grape Sherbert Lolly
Pine Pero Grape Sherbert Lolly
Cracker Trail Cabbage Taro
Cracker Trail Cabbage Taro

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