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11th Day of Christmas: Mickey’s Twice Upon a Christmas


Welcome to Hacker’s countdown to Christmas! The 12 Days of Christmas are here!

On the 11th Day until Christmas, we are watching:

Mickey’s Twice Upon A Christmas which has a few short stories, like the last one. The first is the story of ‘Belles on Ice’ starring Minnie and Daisy. Minnie and Daisy are figure skating in a competition. Minnie gets all the attention and Daisy gets jealous. Things get out of hand and their routines get messed up. Once they work together it becomes magic.

The second tale involves Hewey, Dewey, and Louey in ‘Christmas: Impossible’. The boys act naughty and don’t head Uncle Scrooge’s warning that if they don’t behave they will be on Santa’s Naughty List and won’t get any presents. They realize they have been naughty and need to do something to get on the Good List. They decide they don’t have time to clean up their acts, so they ship themselves to the North Pole to manually put their names on Santa’s Good List. Though, one would think breaking into the North Pole would get you on the Naughty List for sure. They make a HUGE mess at the North Pole and nearly cancel Christmas. They help the Elves remake all the gifts and save Christmas for all the good boys and girls. They make it to the list room and write in Uncle Scrooge’s name to the good list. A really sweet gesture. Their Uncle gets the bagpipes he has always wanted and the boys see Santa gave them gifts too. They thought of others first and helped Santa and were worthy of the Good List.

Our third tale is ‘Christmas Maximus’ with the Goofy family and a grown up Max bringing someone special home for Christmas. Max is ashamed of his Dad is afraid he is going to embarass him by being himself. As the evening goes on we see Max being humiliated and his lady friend Mona seems to think Goofy is adorable. Unfortunately, Max doesn’t see it. He only sees how embarassed he is by his weird Dad. Once he realizes how wonderful his Dad is they all have a blast.

Next is ‘Donald’s Gift’ and grumpy Donald just wants to go home and drink hot cocoa. He just wants to be alone, but everyone keeps bugging him. He drives Daisy and the boys away after acting like a grump. Once he sees he needs his family and that is what the holidays are all about, he starts to really get into the holiday. He apologizes to everyone and is embued with the holiday spirit.

Our last tale involves Mickey and Pluto in ‘Mickey’s Dog-gone Christmas’. Mickey is trying to decorate and Pluto is facinated by the star and wants to put it on the top of the tree. Pluto makes his attempt and ends up destroying all of Mickey’s decorations, including the tree. Mickey gets mad and throws Pluto out. Pluto makes his way to the North Pole and meets up with Santa’s Reindeer. They decide to keep him as their own just about the time Mickey realizes Pluto is gone. Pluto misses Mickey and Mickey starts the hunt for Pluto. Santa finds Pluto after talking with Mickey. Santa and the reindeer take Pluto back home to Mickey and all are happy. Pluto gets to put the star on the tree and everyone heads to Mickey’s house for a Christmas party.

A cute movie for the little ones to teach them some cute lessons. So adorable.

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