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12th Day of Christmas: Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas


Welcome to Hacker’s countdown to Christmas! The 12 Days of Christmas are here!

On the 12th Day until Christmas, we are watching:

Mickey’s Once Upon A Christmas, narrated by Kelsey Grammar. I highly recommend this for little ones, like Captain Little Dude! After a beautiful introduction that really gets you in the spirit, we are told three stories. Duck Tales, A Very Goofy Christmas, and The Gift of the Magi.

Duck Tales – The first is about Hewey, Dewey, and Louey wish that Christmas be every day. They get their wish and proceed to ruin Christmas on more than one occasion and finally break the “curse” when they create the perfect Christmas for their family.

A Very Goofy Christmas – Goofy’s son Max has a kid-crisis when he is told Santa is not real. Goofy tries everything in his power to make Max believe again and ends up making things worse. I really enjoy the part where they bring food and gifts to the poor family. That was really sweet. When Max sees his dad is being brought down by him being a Scrooge he dresses up like Santa to cheer him up. A Christmas Miracle occurs and they catch a glimpse of the big guy, SANTA CLAUS!

The Gift of the Magi – Mickey is lamenting over not having the money to give Minnie a Christmas gift. Minnie is doing the same. We see Mickey loves his harmonica and Minnie loves her watch. Mickey wants to get Minnie a gold chain for her watch and Minnie wants to get Mickey a case for his harmonica. Mickey hoped for lots of tips from selling Christmas trees and Minnie hoped for a Christmas bonus. Despite hard work from both, neither got what they wanted. Minnie sold her watch to buy Mickey the case for his harmonica and Mickey sold his harmonica to buy Minnie a chain for her watch. Awww! They gave up what they treasured for someone they love.

We end with the lot gathering together to celebrate with friends. A very cute little movie for the little ones.

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