Why I hate the SS Anne (Pokemon)

In the Gen I Games, the SS Anne was an annoying bit of grinding. The numerous battles were easy, but there were so many and it got tedious quite quickly. At this point in the game the easy to get XP that the battles offered is very helpful so only a fool would skip the battles. However in order to progress int eh game you must speek to the captian, and once you do you loose access to the SS Anne permanently.
So here I am, just rolled into Vermilion City and ready to kick some ass. However I have to stop to grind out a boat load of trainers before I can progress.

The SS Anne also shows up in the anime, Pokemon: Indigo League, and it is just as boring. In the Anime the SS Anne sinks, starting off a 3 episode story arch that is incredibly boring and a bit unneeded.

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