Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure

Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure, released in Japan as The Puppet Princess of Marl Kingdom is a tactical role-playing game for the PlayStation from Atlus USA and Nippon Ichi Software, the creators of Disgaea, and is part of the Marl Kingdom series. It was released four times in Japan — once in 1998, then again as The Adventure of Puppet Princess + 1 in 1999, and then again as The Adventure of Puppet Princess (PSone Books) in 2001, and was released a fourth time for the Nintendo DS on June 6, 2008. The game was released in the USA, in 2000 and in 2008 and is the only game in the main series to be released outside Japan. Rhapsody, along with its sequels, are considered musical RPGs, meaning in place of FMV cutscenes, there are musical numbers, complete with vocals. The game is also known for its “overwhelming cuteness” and low level of difficulty. Although this may make the game seem geared towards a younger audience, in Japan, the game and series in general has seen much success.
Sadly the “overwhelming cuteness” proved to much for me and I only recorded the one segement.

Part 1

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