New Avalon


Starting Out

I started getting interested in Paganism in high school (2001 – 2002). However I didn’t have access to any information on the topic so it just got put on the back burner.

After HS I joined the Air Force. I got a few books at the time on the topic of Paganism, but looking back they were all fluffy bunny. After getting out of the AF I returned to my old Baptist church but found Christianity no longer spoke to me.

Space Coast Pagans

In 2004 I joined Space Coast Pagans. It was a decent group with about 60 people attending the weekly PNO. However some inner drama broke up the group leading to me starting Pagans of Brevard.

Pagans of Brevard

Jedite’s Book of Shadows entry on PoB.
I started PoB with 2 other former Space Coast Pagans members as a replacement PNO. We had issues getting and retaining new members so the group never really got off the ground.

Correllian Wicca

In 2010 I started taking classes online at Love it or hate it, Witch School has defiantly helped expanded my knowledge of Wiccan and paganism. While over the last year or so I have been neglecting my studies, but I hope to resume in the near future.

Where I am now

For the time being, I have back-burnered my studies. When I get back into my studies I will have my Book of Shadows to refresh what I have already learned and a number of resources to help me advance. I am hoping to pick up my studies soon, but it will depended o my mood to determine when I


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